Vohimana is the hiker's' haven. With the help of our guides, you'll be able to discover everything the forest has to offer.



Guide - association MERCIE Vohimana



Guide - association MERCIE Vohimana



 Guide - association MERCIE Vohimana


  • Circuit 1 : Sentier LAKABATO : 

Time : 5 hours - 3,9 km
"Lakaboto" means fern. This footpath, prized by the scientists, takes you through ferns and medicinal plants to a lookout with a beautiful scenery of the forest.


  • Circuit 2 : Sentier BABAKOTO

Time : 3 hours - 5,2 km
"Babakoto" means lemur or Indri Indri. It's on this footpath that you are most likely to meet with the famous great lemur. It is possible to continue to the "Bivouac" footpath and spend the night in the forest. Don't forget your tent and your camping gear!

  • Circuit 3 : Sentier RAMANAVY :

Time : 3 hours - 3,2 km
"Ramanavy" means bat. This footpath takes you to a small waterfall and through the historical tunnel where bats dwell.


  • Circuit 4 : Sentier Ny RIANA 

Time : 4 hours - 6,5 km
"Ny Riana" means "the waterfall. This quite intense circuit starts near Le Relais du Naturaliste and ends up by the tree nursery.
It takes you through the valley of Vohimana to see the great waterfall.